Welcome to WylderWebb Sanctuary. We invite you to pause, breathe and take a moment to feel your feet on the earth as you connect to our offerings


About Our Sanctuary

We are still in awe that this opportunity came in a dream…on the wake of a dolphin.

It’s important to begin this tale with conflict resolution. The day before labor day 2020, Kanti and I had a fight. It was wildly uncomfortable, but we literally stayed at the table until we came back to the heart. We came to no solution, but we knew something was about to change, and that we loved each other.

That night, I had a dream. I was riding in a boat, like a gondola, with someone else oaring the boat. As I looked around i could see people relaxing and enjoying themselves, having a glass of wine, and I though we might even be at a spa.  I yelled out to Kanti, “lets remember where we are so we can host our next yoga retreat here!”

Soon as I said that, two pink dolphins jumped out in front of the boat. The next thing I know, I am in my own rowboat and Kanti is in her own boat, perched at the mouth of a cave.  Suddenly my. boat lept in front of hers and we both entered the cave and went down down down into utter darkness…like the log ride at disneyland. I threw up my arms and said, “Im not even scafred are you?”  and Kanti answered “no, this is so much fun!”

The next thing I know I’m in the back of a van, with my friend driving and a woman sitting in front of me where I couldnt quite see her face, but she had greyish-blonde hair in a french braid. I leaned up close to her and asked if she could tell me where I was, and she whispered back…I couldnt hear it. I asked again, she whispered again…so I said, “I’m really trrying and I know it’s my ears why I cannot hear you.  Is there any way you can tell me where I am?”

She handed me a piece of paper, and it was a ferry reciept that said Freeland. Then I woke up.

I vaguely thought I had heard of Freeland, and went on Redfin. When I typed in Freeland, the first property that popped up was 619 Dolphin Dr.

I convinced Kanti to come up and see that day, Labor Day 2020, and we couldnt belive what we vere seeing. This property instantly felt like home.

Then we met the owner and when she got out of the car, she had greyish-blonde hair in a french braid. I began to cry and told her the dream. SHe begant to cry and said, “I’ve been waiting for two women to buy this property. I created this estate for women”

What I believe to be true, is she sent out the intention of two women buying the property.  Kanti and I had to get clear enough to receive that intention.

And our tale is just beginning…